Looking at today’s world, contrast and chaos set the agenda. We are inundated with contradictory media messages, making it vital to incorporate Multidimensional Thinking to shape a positive future.

The Inclusive Society
This holistic system also informs our Trend Atlas – a means of exploring the Scientific, Social, Emotional and Spiritual dimensions of society and people in order to document the whole picture. When we tap into the key drivers shaping tomorrow’s world it is evident that there is a strong call for a more Inclusive Society, where empathic leadership and values hold sway. After decades of mimicking traditional power structures, new leadership models are emerging, generating collaborative economic approaches.

Human-Centred Approaches
The Female Factor is central to a more inclusive and prosperous future, inspiring organisational change and a better bottom line. Organisations that leverage the Female Factor will be more successful in the future – influencing fresh and more human-centred approaches to doing business. McKinsey has found a clear correlation between company profits and females on the board. Here, the Nordic region is taking a lead, with women being visible across every sphere of public life. A post-recession Iceland is one clear example, with women bankers and government ministers championing a new culture to benefit all of society.

A Deeper Understanding
The Key Society Drivers influencing and impacting tomorrow’s women are all interconnected and, by linking them to Typologies and Values Drivers (in chart below), we develop a deeper understanding of lifestyle preferences.

Women may be Rational Types, looking for the openness and Flexibility essential to honest Dialogue; or Emotional Types, seeking real Engagement in order to build a strong Community. None of us are ‘clean-cut’, but rather individuals switching our mindset, depending on needs and situation. However, future products and services must appeal to both these types, and embrace a 4P bottom line: People, Planet, Pleasure and then Profit. Let’s have a closer look at the women shaping tomorrow’s world.

Premium Professionals: Rational ME types. Informed and Ambitious high achievers, they love anything Digital and Progressive to facilitate lifelong learning. As Global Citizens, they want flexibility and mobility. Smart Technology channels and new touch points are seen as life management tools and enablers. Already, European women make up 60% of university graduates and research indicates that a better gender balance will drive higher profits and boost national GDP.

Happy Bohemes: Rational WE types, who are resourceful and thrive in an Inclusive and Creative environment. Connectivity and Social Networks are their lifeline to affinity groups, while Cloud Culture enables honest dialogue. This group insist that Brand Narratives deliver on the promise of quality WE-time. Technology is empowering and enabling to this group in a world where social media and dialogue-driven business models rule.

Green Explorers: Emotional WE types, with a Relaxed and Alternative mindset and a Pro-active and Informed outlook on life. Seeking Social Participation, they demand authentic storytelling and Better World credentials. OECD figures from countries such as Denmark show that it is possible to have both family and career, and high standards of living and wellbeing for society will follow – the model all nations must work towards for a brighter future.

Karma Hunters: Emotional ME types, who adopt an Intuitive and Mindful approach. They look for Efficiency and Progress and take an optimistic view of the future. Total Transparency is essential in order to establish real engagement and meaningful value-based links for this group. An Intelligent Health and Happiness approach is also crucial, as Karma Hunters have their eyes firmly fixed on a brighter future where Gross Domestic Happiness (GDH) is considered just as important as GDP.

The Long View
All together the team-based and flat management style of womenfocuses on the greater good and performs more productively in the long-term. Already we see powerful female influencers and leaders shaping new economic models and thinking – resulting in more transparency, innovation and fluidity within the business world. A true measure of a 21st-century society or organisation’s worth is how it sees and treats people and the planet. Tomorrow’s successful businesses will engage in meaningful dialogue to create economic, social, emotional and sustainable value.


FKA Icelandic Female Network, October 2012, London

Images and Illustrations
1. Video Art Installation at the Baltic Newcastle 2009
 – Kjaer Global
2. Hveravellir Geothermal Nuture Bath Iceland – Brekke >>
3. Society Drivers – iPhone App Cupcakes >>
4. Tomorrow’s Women – Illustration: Kjaer Global
5. Premium Explorers Future Scenario – Kjaer Global
6. Happy Bohemes Future Scenario –  Kjaer Global
7. Green Explorers Future Scenario – Kjaer Global
8. Karma Hunter Future Scenario – Kjaer Global


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