If you think you’re too busy to read this article, then perhaps you should take time out to do it anyway! Lately I have been far too busy myself.

On a Mission
Typically working on far to many things at the same time, with a million others on my mind. Even in my sleep I am on a trip, giving a talk or simply meeting deadlines. Projects and tasks were blurring into one another. I was simply too busy to even write a ‘to do list’. I conned myself into thinking I could remember everything. One thing was for sure; I had a mission: To get things done, no matter the price. One day a close friends pointed out the risk of expiring as a result of work overload.

I did remember reading about ‘burnout’. People driven by ‘Getting There First’ thinking it is ‘now or never’. Often far too little sleep to avoid wasting any time, this so-called fast-track lifestyle led to an untimely death for some. I recalled some of the symptoms:

• A compulsion to prove oneself by working harder
• Fatigue and run down – neglecting one’s own needs
• Anger at those making demands
• Cynicism, negativity, and irritability

Take your Time
When thinking of time as a given we perhaps exactly therefore manage it so badly. ‘Hurry Slowly’ is the key and I decided to make my own list:

• Take time out to think
• Listen rather than talk – breathe
• Take a relaxed bath instead of a hurried shower
• Meditate or have a massage regularly
• Don’t feel responsible for things outside your control

• Make a to do list, then cut it by 50%
• Tidy up and give things away you don’t need
• Don’t procrastinate, get unpleasant tasks done first
• Don’t plan everything, be spontaneous
• Sit down and eat your breakfast

• Throw a party and order food in
• Meet one to one at times
• Don’t do things you don’t like
• Say no once in a while
• Leave a party if you are bored

• Turn off your mobile phone from time to time
• Love your job or find another
• Only do one thing at a time
• Always take a lunch break
• Work late if necessary, but don’t take your work home

• Buy in bulk online
• Top up with fresh quality food locally
• Bake a cake or cook a nice dish, make some extra for the freezer
• Don’t eat on the go
• Chew your food properly before swallowing

My Future Mantra
It used to be: “I think and therefore I am”, then it was ‘I shop and therefore I am’, and then it was “I work and therefore I am”. My new mantra has recently become “I feel and therefore I am”. I now know that one should never be too busy to simply BE.

1. Airport screen
2. Anne Lise Kjaer Driving in London
3. Kid swimming
4. Man texting
5. Cake at the Rose bakery in Paris

Article: Oestrogen (DK), March 2009


The Futurist

Anne Lise is a keynote speaker and works across the world out of London base

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