What are the key lifestyle trends and how do we apply these tendencies in the way we live, eat, travel and shop? Danish interior magazine Bo Bedre asked 3 international trend experts about how we will be living in the future

The way we choose to live ard our preferences will be like learning to cook a new dish, using the same – but better quality – ingredients as we usually do. ‘Handmade’ is still a core trend. Wood, leather, dark browns almost blacks and a wide scale of greys will be the most prevalent elements. But red will also be of great importance, simply because most people lack grounding, and that is exactly what red does – it grounds you.

Another reason why red resonate with us is that most of us have a childhood memory of red: bricks, blankets, a school bag, clogs, a coat or simply the family car. It is not about nostalgia – but mindfulness – being in touch with one self, others and nature. We pick apples, grow our own, knit and collects stamps. It is all about the good life – rather than owning things we are happy to share with others.

We just want access to things: subscriptions, borrowing or simply bartering. We might only own 100 things and the rest will be community sharing. Increasingly we will decide on AirBnB or home swapping rather than hotels when travelling the world. In the long run, we will live in compact ‘smart connected’ urban dwellings during the week and choose back-to-nature living – the wilderness, the mountains and the woods – in our leisure time.

Betapreneur Living
These Eco Explorers aspire to back-to-nature living. This is reflected in their lifestyle choices and they prefer:

  • Reclaimed woods and leather
  • Handmade and simplistic
  • Made by Me
  • No unnecessary details
  • Back to basis – Nomadic living
  • Everything artisan
  • Simple ceramics
  • Bake your own bread – Rye bread & ‘Brun Ost’
  • Conscious and diversified food culture
  • Lots of black filter coffee
  • All shades of brown and blacks from the lightest to the darkest

Betapreneur Living lifestyle board (click image to enlarge)

The Good Life
These ‘Hygge’ Hunters might live in a small urban flat and own an allotment. For them community is key and they love:

  • ‘Deep ‘contentment – not superficial
  • Informal ‘hygge’ home and social life
  • Mixed, not lean
  • Hand embroidered
  • Grow your own (even Google does it now)
  • Berries, apples and vegetables
  • Lots of knitting
  • Meditation apps
  • All shades of Scandinavian red
  • Nostalgic experience enablers
  • Hobbies of tradition – stamps and gardening

The Good Life lifestyle board (click image to enlarge)

Lightweight Nomads
Mobile Lifestyle defines these Global Citizens. They love everything clean and simple and their preferences are:

  • Collaborative consumption
  • Mini-me technology
  • Health and Lifestyle monitoring
  • Technology as an enabler of easy living
  • Tablet living – screens, not TVs
  • Less, not more
  • Life is reduced to 100 essential items
  • All in one ‘remote control’ for health, music, learning, work, media
  • GREY and more GREY with a touch of beige
  • Stand-out interior or art object investments
  • @ Home means wherever you are

Lightweight Nomads lifestyle board (click image to enlarge)


1) Happiness from Within – Flowmarket
2) Eating in the Wilderness
3) Stamps
4) Airbnb
5) Baking my own Bread
6) Rustic selection from Kjaer Global Pinterest boards >>
 7) Danish Allotment Stamp
 8) Red selection from Kjaer Global Pinterest boards >>
 9) No Valuable Inside Purse 
10) Grey selection from Kjaer Global Pinterest boards >>

Kjaer Global’s contribution was adapted to English – Bo Bedre’s issue 1_2014 (DK) >>


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What are the key lifestyle trends and how do we apply these tendencies in the way we live, eat, travel and shop?