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Trend Cards Pocket Edition


The Trend Cards are a key tool for inspiring dialogue and become future ready.


The Trend Cards are a key tool for inspiring an dialogue across your organisation, inviting all stakeholders to join the conversation about our current world and tomorrow’s people. They can be used in workshops, as icebreakers in conversations between individuals, team members and your community; as a mapping tool to illustrate how trends are interconnected or play out in a specific context. They are also a useful catalyst and starting point for your scenario planning and innovation process.

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The standard set consists of 59 trend cards, 4 dimension’s cards and 1 introduction card (all A6), plus 1 Trend Atlas poster (A2), and comes in a clear zip pocket (26x18cm). The Trend Cards represent core trends as identified by Kjaer Global’s futurist team. They explain the what, why and how of each trend by highlighting key risks and opportunities in a 4P context – P for People, Planet, Purpose and Profit. This toolkit is essential for navigating your journey into the future. The set will be updated regularly.


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